Super Electric Effects are hand-built by me, Jimmy Behan from my workshop in Carlow, Ireland. I focus mainly on vintage fuzz circuits built using vintage style techniques and parts. They can be custom built to a customer's specifications or built in small runs. I aim to provide a top quality product at a reasonable price for the working musician, and have been selling my pedals since 2011 to hundreds of happy customers.

If you would like to inquire about a custom build or require any further info on any of my pedals, please feel free to contact me.


All international shipping is via An Post by registered post with tracking. I am happy to ship worldwide. Each pedal is packed in a white cardboard box which is wrapped in brown kraft paper. For orders of more than one pedal, each pedal is packed in its own white box and each of those is then packed in a larger cardboard box. I always ensure each pedal is packed safely and securely.

For larger orders of multiple pedals, I may use a courier service instead of the postal service. For both mine and the customer's protection, I only ever ship using tracking.
For tracking info and postal rates, please see An Post's website at


I am happy to accept returns as long as the pedal is returned in the same condition it went out. Returns are accepted within one month of being delivered. If a customer requires more time in order to try it at a gig for example, please just get in touch to let me know. For all returns, please contact me first before the pedal is sent back. The refund will be sent once I've received the pedal. The customer pays for the return shipping. For return shipping, I recommend using post with tracking. Returned pedals sent without tracking are at the customer's own risk. I can't be responsible for a returned pedal that goes missing in transit without tracking.

All Super Electric pedals come with a signed 3-year warranty which covers build faults and parts failure. If there is such a problem with a pedal, I'm happy to repair it free of charge. In such cases the customer will pay for the shipping and I will pay to have the pedal shipped back to the customer. The warranty does not cover damage caused by use of an incorrect power supply (see below) or failed attempts at modifying the pedal in some way.


All Super Electric pedals which have a DC jack take a negative-center plug. So please ensure your power supply shows the symbol below before using it.

Negative-center polarity

Negative-center polarity

Please don't confuse the positive/negative polarity of a power supply with the positive/negative ground of a pedal. They are not the same thing.

Almost all Super Electric pedals which use germanium transistors will have a positive ground. This is due to most germanium transistors being PNP devices. Pedals using NPN transistors will have a negative ground. Most modern pedals will have a negative ground. Positive ground and negative ground pedals can not share the same power supply. Attempting to do so can damage the power supply and/or the pedals. Therefore if your pedal has a DC jack, please ensure it uses its own isolated power supply which is not daisy-chained with a negative ground pedal. It can only be daisy-chained with other positive ground pedals.

All Super Electric pedals with DC jacks are rated for 9v only, unless stated otherwise in the instruction sheet. So please don't attempt to use a power supply rated any higher than 9v or it could damage the pedal.

Please note: damage caused by use of an incorrect power supply is not covered under the warranty. Details of which supply to use will be detailed in the instruction sheet. If you are unsure about what supply to use, please contact me first.

For critical use (gigs or recording) I always recommend using a battery, as it provides a clean and quiet source of power. For less critical situations such as rehearsals or home use, using a power supply with a germanium fuzz is perfectly fine.

For battery powered only pedals, bear in mind that adding an LED will drain a battery quicker. Vintage germanium fuzz circuits are typically very low drain and a battery should last quite a while, especially if there is no LED.

My personal preference is to build pedals with no LED or DC jack, but I appreciate that pedal-board users can find them useful. So I'm always happy to add them if requested for a custom build.